Run a One Rat Study

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Run a One Rat Study

You are the Rat. 

Before you take someone’s advice on lifestyle hacks, do your own research. 

Good advice is everywhere.  Every magazine article, blog post and social media site offers ideas that will make your life better.  But they won’t all work for you, in your actual life.  How do you decide what to try? 

Consider running a one rat study.  

Step One:

Do a thought experiment.  Before going any further, daydream about implementing this good idea in your actual life.  When does it fit in?  Walk through the process.  Imagine the results.  Does this seem like it might really help?  If no, thank yourself for checking it out and move on.  If yes proceed: 

Step Two:

Consider what you hope this good idea will achieve.  How will your life be better?  In today’s calendar write down how things are now and what you hope will change.  Decide how long you are going to try out this idea.  Jump ahead in your calendar to the end of your experiment and write a note to look back on today. 

Step Three:

Do it until the date you set for the end of the experiment.  Look back on your note.  Did you do it?  If not, what were the barriers?  If so, did it improve the thing you were looking to improve?  What have you learned?  There are no grades in this lesson. The only possible outcome is knowledge.  

What good idea have you tested out and found valuable for you? 

What have you tried out and found didn’t work for you? 

What are you studying next? 

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Laura A. Gaines