Thank YOU

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December 22, 2021
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January 5, 2022

Thank YOU

As this year wraps up, THANK YOU.  

As I was planning for the coming year, I had a moment when I wondered if my writing and training makes a difference. Downstairs my wife was rehearsing a song for choir. All alone her voice wasn’t enough to carry the song. I knew I would experience the full song once she sang with the choir.

Then I realized – I am also part of a choir. A choir of people who help, support, care, enlighten, shine a light, ask questions, entertain, educate, teach and in so many ways seek to make this life more meaningful, just, and worthwhile.  

Being in a choir magnifies your efforts. Your voice makes a difference. In a choir, one person can take a breath while the others keep singing. Someone can contribute a solo, highlighting an important theme. Each person contributes their strengths. When voices blend in harmony, the beauty and strength is undeniable. Resilience grows in community. 

To all of you who are in the choir – thank you and keep singing. It is my honor to add my voice to yours. 

In gratitude,

Laura A. Gaines