Resilience in Your Mailbox

When Rest is not Enough
January 19, 2022
February 1, 2022

Resilience in Your Mailbox

Can I mail you a piece of resilience?   

What I mean is: The postcards are here! We are so excited!  Now we want to share them.  

I talked about the cards in the post, Staying in Touch.  We are having another pandemic winter with people staying in and limiting exposure.  Yet we need connection.  Here is a chance to experiment with snail mail.  If you send your address in the form below, I will send you a postcard.   

NOTE: We do not plan to start a direct mail campaign. We will use your address to send you a postcard and perhaps a follow up questionnaire.  We will not sell or share your address.   

Connection is so important.  So is positive anticipation – our brains are so good at worrying about the future.  Help your brain practice looking forward with curiosity.  In 2021, I established a regular pattern of blogging.  In 2022, the posts will continue and I will be adding courses, surprises, and occasional get-togethers.  All in the name of resilience.   

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