A Good Thanksgiving

Shrinking Holiday Anxiety
November 9, 2022
Holiday Stress
November 23, 2022

A Good Thanksgiving

My wish is that you have a Thanksgiving that works for you. Whether that means… 


A friend, food, and a deck of cards. 

A walk in the woods. 

A good movie and a cozy blanket. 

A day of shopping and decorating. 

A day to sleep in. 

A big room with lots of food and family. 

For those of you who will be working, may your day go smoothly and may people be appreciative of your work. My personal gratitude to all first responders and others who get called out on emergencies during the holiday. 

If you are unable to get together with family or friends on the fourth Thursday of November, may you have a day when you can gather with people you enjoy, to eat food that is tasty, and to have fun. 

Thanksgiving Beginnings

There is a lot of mythology around Thanksgiving. The story about the Pilgrims is on the level of Disney movie fantasy – reality morphed into a story fit to tell small children. The true history is much more gruesome. Thanksgiving as we know it was created to pull our country together in times of war and trauma. Lincoln toward the end of the civil war, Roosevelt toward the end of the depression.  

May it serve that same purpose today – pulling us together after COVID, political divisiveness, and rising anxiety in so many. I will be wishing Happy Thanksgiving to people whose voting habits I disagree with strongly. We will steer clear of politics and will seek topics that are less likely to spur an argument. (Do marshmallows belong on sweet potatoes?) This is not an attempt to ignore the very important issues in our world but to build or rebuild relationships so that we can have conversations where people really hear one another. In this season of my life, I know that change comes gradually and often starts with very small steps. My hope is that in rebuilding relationships face to face we can also learn to listen to one another. 

And finally, for those of you who do puzzles over the holiday – may none of the pieces disappear into the carpet never to be seen again.  


Laura A. Gaines

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