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To help our clients, children, colleagues, or friends gain social-emotional skills we need to first gain those specific skills ourselves.  Only in learning and modeling do we gain the legitimate authority to teach these skills.  In teaching we learn at a deeper level.  This cycle allows positive social emotional skills to take root in our lives, and in the lives of our communities. 

About Laura

Laura Gaines

I’m Laura. I’m a writer, a coach, and a trainer.   Having lived in three countries in my first 5 years of life I am fascinated by how different people live.   I love all things water – swimming, kayaking, long showers, sprinklers in the backyard, skiing (frozen water), and the beach.

I have been fascinated by the topic of Resilience since high school when I first read Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.  In its usual way, life has presented me with plenty of opportunities to learn about resilience first hand.  In addition, I worked as a child and adolescent therapist for 20 years, which gave me opportunity to help many people increase their resilience skills.

I believe that everyone is resilient.  I also believe that no one is as resilient as they can be – we can all learn and grow.  I help people assess their areas of strength and weakness, become aware of unconscious competence, and prioritize their own needs.  We cannot predict what life will send our way next, however we can be sure that our resilience skills and abilities will serve us well in ways we might not expect.

When you work with me, you will increase your personal resilience, find ways to model that in your areas of influence, and identify ways to teach it to those around you.

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Laura A. Gaines is the director of Individual Solutions LLC, which owns the Learn.Model.Teach program. She writes, trains, and consults in her areas of specialization: resilience, child and human development, trauma informed care, child welfare, ethics, and mental health. Merging leadership skills with insight her goal is to help others see their options clearly while building their knowledge and skills. Her current work includes regular in-person and online training, volunteering on the Crisis Text Line, and sitting on the board of a non-profit day care center. As a graduate of Michigan State (BS Psychology) and Ohio State (MSW Social Work) she is a Spartan and a Buckeye. Laura is an Ohio licensed social worker with supervision designation (LISW-S) and is also certified in trauma informed care.

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