Laura provides coaching for adults, focusing on individual goals and the next steps needed to move their journey forward.

Areas of focus: 


Personal Resilience 

Resilience is a personality trait and a skill set. It is both the ability to overcome difficult life events (BOUNCE) and the ability to continue to function well during challenging circumstances (TRUDGE). By increasing awareness of your strengths and improving your skills, you can stay centered while facing life’s challenges. 



Parent Coaching

Laura supports parents to build skills to improve their children’s well-being and their family’s resilience. With decades of experience working with children and teens Laura uses a developmental framework to focus on your priorities and next steps in supporting your children’s growth.  

Training of Trainers

Having trained audiences of 4 to 400, including parents and professionals, Laura provides personalized coaching of trainers seeking to develop and present their content in an engaging and professional manner. She will brainstorm solutions to avoid common training mishaps and difficulties. 


Laura provides personal coaching for those who have read her blogs and wish to explore topics in more depth. Possible areas of focus include Attachment Styles, TRUDGE, a personal 5-year Compass, and more. A primary goal will be to identify how this information can be applied to your personal journey so that you can thrive. 

Coaching allows a detailed focus on the areas you wish to explore: 

  • Clarifying your resilience and areas needing growth 
  • Exploring tools as they apply to you and your journey 
  • Brainstorming ways to Learn, Model, or Teach resilience in your life 
  • Goal setting, accountability, and encouragement for learning new skills. 
  • Coaching can be scheduled as a one-time conversation to focus on a particular question, or for a package of 6 sessions over 6 – 12 weeks. 


Why do individual coaching with Laura Gaines?

Having worked as a mental health therapist for 20 years, she has walked along side many individuals and families as they dealt with crisis. She retired her counseling practice in 2017 and now focuses on training and coaching. 

Laura is an in-depth listener with a knack for spotting unconscious competence in people.

She will help you identify your strengths and explore ways to use them to increase your personal resilience, and the resilience of those you influence. 

Laura is the lead teacher of our online classes and has created several tools to use to explore resilience. She will walk you through these tools, encouraging deeper thinking about their application to your life. 

Laura combines professional skills with lived experience. 

As a person who has been through her share of life’s challenges, she has used these resilience tools in her own life. She knows what it is like to bounce back and to trudge forward. She continues to learn and grow, seeking new ways to thrive in her own life. 

If you are interested in coaching, the first step is to schedule a discovery call – 15 minutes for free – to decide if working together meets your goals. Use the form below to get started! 

Disclaimer: While Laura’s therapeutic skills such as empathy, hearing the meanings, and thoughtful questions are part of her coaching work, coaching is NOT mental health counseling. She will not be doing a mental status exam, assessing for disorders, diagnosing, or treating as part of coaching. If issues come up in coaching that either Laura or the coaching participant feel need further evaluation, Laura will encourage the participant to reach out to a medical or mental health treatment provider. 


After our discovery call you will be invited to send information, questions and goals by email. Laura will review this prior to meeting with you so that coaching time can focus on steps to help you move forward. 

We will meet via Zoom or phone for 1 hour to discuss your information, questions and goals. 

Cost: $150.00 

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or check. Each session to be paid prior to our meeting.  


6-12 weeks one-on-one coaching.

After our discovery call you will be invited to send information, questions and goals by email. Laura will review this prior to our first session so that we can dive right into your specific area of focus. Coaching sessions will be held on Zoom with each session 45-50 minutes long spread out over 6 – 12 weeks. Between Zoom meetings check-ins are welcome via email or text. 

Why six to twelve weeks? Some people prefer to focus fast and work through their goals quickly. Others have commitments that will require more time to fit in the 6 coaching sessions. We do want to fit all 6 sessions into 12 weeks or less, so that we don’t lose the thread of our conversation. 

  • Session 1: We will set goals, agree on a schedule and discuss how you would like to track your journey.  We will agree on next steps to explore before the next meeting.  
  • Sessions 2-5: Focus on your goals and progress. Explore next steps and areas of growth.  
  • Session 6: Consolidate information learned and celebrate progress.  

Cost $600.00 

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, or check. Each session to be paid prior to our meeting.  


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