Let Your Space Support Your Needs

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January 11, 2023
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January 25, 2023

Let Your Space Support Your Needs

Last week I wrote about checking on your own needs along with all the other things you do in a day. To summarize – whenever you stop to think about what you need to do next ask, “what does ______________(insert your name here) need?” With an increased awareness of what your needs are on a day-to-day basis, consider how your space supports those needs and how you feel about that. 

Your Needs Matter

Are you comfortable with your space meeting your needs? When I had a baby living in my house I didn’t feel funny about having a high chair in my kitchen. I never apologized to guests if they had to look past a sippy cup to find a coffee mug. When a baby lived here there was all sorts of baby stuff close at hand that met her needs. I was ok with that.  

Fast forward to now – I have arthritis in my neck and issues with my shoulders. I have a foam roller, exercise bands and other physical therapy gear in my living room. Other items are close at hand to meet my needs. There are exercise bands in my backpack as well.  And yet – I apologize for them. “Sorry, don’t mind the clutter.” And then I tell a lengthy story justifying my need to have this stuff where I can access it multiple times a day.  

House beautiful photos don’t have exercise bands on the doorknob and a foam roller in the middle of the floor. They don’t have teething rings on the coffee table either. I was ok with the baby stuff because it was for someone else. I am not as comfortable having stuff out for me.  Now that I have put all this in writing, I realize I can be ok with my house reflecting my needs. 

Your Space, Your Needs

Your home, office, car is where you live your life. You carry a backpack or other bag with you. Does it reflect your needs? Are you comfortable with it being like that? As you go through your day and ask about your own needs in third person also consider what might help you meet that need. Can you set up your space to be a better fit for you? What are your unique needs?  

When I am home all day I am up and down the stairs doing tasks all over the house. I do a better job of staying hydrated if I have a water glass next to the sink and upstairs in my office. I used to tell myself it would be more efficient to have one glass and to carry it with me. Nope. It really works best to have more than one glass and who cares if I do – my house, my water.  I am comfortable with this unique solution.  

How about you? What do you need? Are you comfortable setting things up so that you can take care of yourself in ways that are doable? I hope that you are able to identify your needs as you go about your day, and that you find unique ways to organize your space so that it becomes easier to take care of yourself.


Laura A. Gaines

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