Unspecial Days

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December 28, 2022
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January 11, 2023

Unspecial Days

The holidays are over, the year is no longer brand new. It is not a special time. It is just a day. A regular day in a regular life with no important significance, no implied promise. And yet it is a whole day, a day in which anything could happen.  

These unspecial days make up the bulk of your life. Get the laundry done, do the work, attend to meals, care for pets, brush your teeth. It is in these routines that your life is lived. There is comfort and relaxation in just having a day. Regular food, everyday clothes, the usual tasks, the people you know. After dinner perhaps TV or a book to hang out with in the evening. No need to prepare, decorate, or decide. What follows are some thoughts about getting back into regular routines.

Time for Yourself

Without the extra holiday tasks, you can make room for your needs. Drink the water, take a walk, eat the food you prefer. For me this includes getting back to doing the physical therapy exercises that help. It is nice to slow down and take care of me, myself and I. 

Get Back to Routines

As the decorations are put away, and the house is re-set to normal usual routines fall back into place. The favorite coffee mug, the comfy clothes, the everyday rhythm requires less decision making and planning. Time feels less compressed.

Notice Nature

I say this a lot, but I need to remind myself. Right now, it is winter in Ohio and the view outside is bare branches against a grey sky. Not very inspiringuntil I take time to watch the birds flying to the top of the tree where they are silhouetted against the sky. Stepping outside or focusing out the window to connect with nature is grounding. 

Work Toward a Goal

After the holidays I experience a sense of “now where was I?” Without the holiday events, I have more space in my calendar and my head to my longer-term goals. I can focus more clearly on what I am wanting to move toward. This year one of my goals is to redo my home office. Now I can do a little each day, or set aside a block of time to make definitive progress.


Routine tasks free your mind to wander. Daydream about past joys or future plans. Let your mind savor your favorite scene from a movie or a book.  Quiet delights for a simple day. Daydreaming allows your brain to consolidate memories and create new connections.  

What do you enjoy about regular days?  We spend a lot of energy and expense to make certain days special: planning, holiday foods, decorations, gifts, socializing, and cleaning. As much as that can be enjoyable, there is something grounding about getting back to normal. In this post-holiday season, may you enjoy your regular days and appreciate the everyday rhythms. 


Laura A. Gaines

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